ATT Briefing Kit

This online Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) Briefing Kit provides an overview of publicly available sources of information on the key provisions in the ATT. Particular emphasis is placed on guidance that supports national implementation of the key provisions of the ATT. The ATT Briefing Kit is not a comprehensive list of all reports, guides, and online materials related to the ATT. The ATT Briefing Kit will be periodically updated when relevant materials become available.

The ATT Briefing Kit is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1. Overviews of the ATT and its National Implementation
  • Part 2. National Implementation of the ATT: Article by Article
  • Part 3. Other Relevant Resources

The materials listed in Part 1 of this ATT Briefing Kit give an overview of the ATT and its Articles, supporting understanding of ATT provisions in order to support national implementation. This section include e-learning tools and “region-specific” guidance for Africa and the Pacific Island states.

Part 2 consists of materials intended to support understanding and national implementation of particular ATT Articles, and therefore addresses materials to support national implementation of Articles 1 to 16 of the ATT individually. Information to support implementation of these Articles can also be found in the materials listed in Part 1. Part 2 highlights materials that only deal with a single Article.

Part 3 indicates materials that are of ATT-relevance either as background materials or information of a more general nature on national transfer control systems.